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About Us

Years of Experience and Proven Results
The Tutoring Hub Albury Wodonga was established in 2018 with the purpose of providing quality one on one tutoring to students in Literacy and Numeracy.  At The Tutoring Hub Albury Wodonga our goal is to provide students with educational assistance that will enhance their learning, confidence and love of education – key stepping stones towards a happy and successful education.
What sets us apart from others is the one on one, face to face tuition. Flexibility in sessions is the key.  Whether it's Literacy, Numeracy, assistance with  assignments, or a combination of these, we are focused on helping your child achieve confidence and success in their learning.
Each of our tutors are qualified teachers with years of classroom experience, hold a current working with children's check and have extensive experience in the requirements of The National Curriculum.
We provide individual tutoring in which we design a learning plan for each individual child, which complements the current learning in the classroom. We believe that by creating a strong connection between ourselves, parents, teachers and students, optimal opportunities for learning can occur. This is why a time is allocated at the end of each session for feedback to be provided to parents.
Frequently Asked...
the tutoring hub albury wodonga
When is the best time to start tutoring?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time to start tutoring will vary depending on the individual child's needs and abilities. However, in general, we recommend starting tutoring when a child is struggling in school or is not meeting their full potential. This way, tutoring can help them catch up and get back on track.
Does my child need a tutor?
It depends on your child's individual needs and strengths. However, tutoring can be beneficial for all students, not just those who are struggling. A tutor can help your child learn more effectively and develop a deeper understanding of the material. If your child is struggling in school, a tutor can also help them catch up and improve their grades. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to hire a tutor for your child is up to you.
Do you help with homework?
Yes, our approach at The Tutoring Hub Albury Wodonga is to assist and accelerate your child's learning, this includes assistance with current classroom key focus area's and homework.
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