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the tutoring hub albury wodonga

Literacy Tutoring:

At The Tutoring Hub Albury Wodonga, we believe that literacy skills are essential for a student's academic and personal success. Our qualified and experienced tutors provide individualized one-on-one tutoring sessions to support students in developing their literacy skills.

Our literacy tutoring covers all aspects of literacy development, including:

Reading - Students will receive support in building their reading fluency and comprehension skills. This will help them to become confident, independent readers and unlock a world of knowledge and imagination.

Phonemics - We help students to develop their phonemic awareness, which is the understanding of sounds in words. This is an important foundation for reading and spelling.

Spelling - Our tutors provide guidance and support in developing a student's spelling skills, helping them to become more confident in writing and reading.

Grammar - We help students to understand the rules of language, which is essential for clear and effective communication.

Comprehension - Our tutors will help students to build their comprehension skills, which is the ability to understand what they read.

Writing - Our tutors will provide guidance and support in developing a student's writing skills. This includes writing structure, grammar, and punctuation.

Our goal at The Tutoring Hub Albury Wodonga is to help students develop the literacy skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Our individualized approach ensures that each student's unique needs are addressed, and we work together with parents and teachers to create a supportive learning environment.
Ongoing Tutoring or Term Packages
Flexibility is available with all bookings. Students can be booked in for ongoing tutoring for the school year. Alternatively, Term packages are available at any stage throughout the year. Accelerating your child's learning is our focus.
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